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I clicked on ‘Account’ - ‘Contacts’ – and there they were: the mobile numbers of 213 friends.I estimated that about fifteen are people I know well, and a good number more are former or current colleagues.Hailee is an Americanized respelling of Halley, Hayley and/or Hailey which are Anglo-Saxon surnames originating from England and derived from location names.These surnames most likely came from Hailey in Oxfordshire, a county in the southeast region of England (the town name was first recorded as “Hayle” in the 13th century).That’s fair enough if you’re comfortable with sharing that additional information with Facebook – we just didn’t like their wording which gives users the impression that there’s something seriously wrong with how they have defended their Facebook account.But what if you did follow Facebook’s recommendation and gave them your mobile phone number to enhance your account’s security?All phone numbers from your cell phone (FB friends or NOT) are published. Feel free to repost this on your status, so your friends can remove their numbers and thus prevent abuse if they do not want them published.Her Facebook post contains the steps you need to take to reveal the mobile numbers of your friends along with anyone you are friends with that you really don’t know.

No joke -Go to the top right of the screen, click on Account, then click on Edit Friends, go left on the screen and click on Contacts.

My advice is to consider doing the following: Remove other people’s mobile phone numbers that you may have imported, using the steps given by Facebook.

You’ll still see the phone numbers of Facebook friends who have chosen to share their contact details.

Keep in mind, she’s not a security pro and can barely spell HTML.

To see her concerns about what you are about to read will surely evoke some emotion: WTF FACEBOOK!

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