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Necessary conditions were fully present in the area.Water Earth and Fire 🙂 Quimper faience is really about a quality craftsmanship in an industrial context, processes of tin-glazed earthenware are still used, applied on white Bisque or Biscuit before final firing.1884 : Jules Henriot inherited of his father’s factory, this small faïencerie employed no less than 21 workers around 1860.Henriot acquired Porquier pottery in 1913 including all the models, moulds, Biscuits stock…😉 Unfortunately, Keraluc Faïencerie closed up in 1984.

I had thought that it would be simple to resurrect lovequimper formerly the Quimper International blog but that has proved to be a little more complicated than first thought.

He learnt fast and easy all processes, so that, he finally created his own models ; Art Deco style.

Paul Fouillen, art ceramist founded his Famous Faïencerie in 1929.

His creations dating from mid-century are still Modern even nowadays. His son Maurice did take part a lot in the factory. Considering that each piece is Unique handmade & hand painted.

Many people often argue that the “Most Beautiful” Quimper faience pieces would be part of Museum and of private collections only… I like to think that any other Quimper faience objects produced for many years, are also beautiful pieces anywhere they are in the World. 🙂 You are welcome to browse some eclectic and sometimes Rare Vintage objects from our QUIMPER collection.

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